Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Ordered Key-Value Stores

A minimalist's database

One of the great strength of Scheme is how flexible it is to the extent where you feel at home whatever the Scheme, the system will adapt itself to your needs, making it possible to re-use your knowledge. The situation in the database space is more complicated. There is the SQL family of databases, but in so far the SQL standard is too limited. To be ready for every situation possible you need to re-invent yourself all the time, for each database system its idiosyncrasies. What about a database paradigm that builds upon existing knowledge, that you can re-use in many situations and program with your favorite Scheme?

After brief note on database history, we will dive into what is a database, and how to choose one. Then we will look into the particular case of Ordered Key-Value Stores (OKVS), explain and demonstrate how with a single interface they cover a large palette of use-cases, and a glimpse of it: so called relational, text and geometric with the help of a new representation. At last, we will see what are the downsides, and try to answer the question: will Ordered Key-Value remain a tool of the experts?


Amirouche BOUBEKKI