Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Networked Audio in Android Automotive

The modern vehicle audio system is built with a number of networked components that are needed for many complex and integrated functionalities such as active noise cancellation, warning sounds, diagnostics, etc. And thus, complex and flexible audio setups are a fundamental design need for modern vehicles. GENIVI AASIG analyzes various scenarios of integrating Android in this complex setup and analyzes the maturity and gaps of Android Automotive solution in this context. This talk aims to highlight some of the findings of the group and discuss further investigation topics in this area

The talk will give a short overview of the audio system design choices with Android. As part of the analysis towards integrating Android in the complex setup that exists today, the first step group took was to extract raw PCM stream out of Android context. The talk will discuss the implementation of this and the various design tradeoffs and decisions that was taken. The next step would be to connect Android to audio network. Currently A2B and AVB are being investigated. Further investigations includes topics like: ECNR handling, calibration mechanisms, how to utilize DSPs in various system configuration (virtualization, containerization, multi HW).


Photo of Suhasini Raghuram Suhasini Raghuram
Piotr Krawczyk