Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Collecting and visualizing Continuous Delivery Indicators

In a Kubernetes-based CI/CD platform, using Jenkins X, Lighthouse, Tekton, PostgreSQL and Grafana

CD platforms are a critical part of the development process, and without it, nothing would go to production. How can we really know what is happening inside, and measure indicators that we can track and improve to ensure a smooth continuous delivery experience?

Based on our experience at Dailymotion, we'll see why Continuous Delivery Indicators are important, how to define them, and then how to collect and visualize them. We'll share which stability and throughput indicators we are tracking, and why. We'll see how we implemented the collection and visualization of these indicators using open-source tools such as Golang, PostgreSQL, and Grafana. We'll highlight the importance of Kubernetes-based CD components, such as Jenkins X, Lighthouse, and Tekton, which heavily rely on Kubernetes CRD and thus provide events for everything happening. We'll also highlight the importance of Gitops-based workflows, where every operation goes through a VCS such as Git, and thus produce more events. This in turn makes it easy to get notifications for all actions, making our indicators collection process a simple one.


Photo of Vincent Behar Vincent Behar