Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Managing virtual resources with CBSD, and beyond

CBSD ecosystem is growing and now you can manage more than just virtual resources

CBSD team was working hard to bring you not just VM/jail management, but to also make integrating existing cloud software easy. This talk will describe new features of CBSD as well as some of the new projects around it: some are done, and some are in implementation phase.

CBSD can manage bhyve, Xen, VNET and non-VNET jails, setup your network environment and storage, but that's not all. There are numerous projects using CBSD as a base like ClonOS (WEB interface), Reggae for DevOps tasks (with support for all provisioning alternatives out there), Android emulation and Kubernetes management of CBSD/bhyve cluster. As CBSD have support for external modules, extending with custom functionalities and features is easier than ever. There are even some projects that are not yet finished, like CBSDng, which will provide colorized shell with completion and alternative WEB interface.


Photo of Goran Mekić Goran Mekić