Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Optimizing External Kubernetes Traffic with Cloud Native SD-WAN

The Bridge Between the DevOps and NetOps Worlds

Kubernetes is becoming the platform of choice for more and more application developers. As applications become more complex and more distributed, they may span multiple Kubernetes clusters, or a combination of Kubernetes and on-premise workloads. While internal traffic within a Kubernetes cluster is handled by the CNI plugin, the external traffic between these workloads, or from workloads to end users, is often carried over a Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), which is used for traffic optimization. The Cloud Native SD-WAN (CN-WAN) open source project was created to help SD-WAN deployments to identify Kubernetes applications and optimize traffic based on application requirements, thereby bridging together the DevOps from Kubernetes' cloud native world with the NetOps from the SD-WAN world.

CN-WAN enables developers to annotate their applications, specifying the type of network traffic generated by the Kubernetes workload, and this information is then published into a service registry. The NetOps configuring the SD-WAN can take these annotations and develop network optimization policies with the clear knowlegde of the traffic type they intend to optimize.

Join us for this presentation, where we will describe the components of the solution, the interfaces between the components, and how you can adapt this solution to different SD-WAN products and service registries.


Photo of Lori Jakab Lori Jakab