Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


I use ENUM - Vindicating the Underdog of Data Types

The ENUM data type is extremely good to define constraints to column values. It adds descriptiveness to your database schema. In this talk you'll learn the advantages and disadvantages of the ENUM data type, and how to use it in your database schema design.

The enumerated data type, ENUM, is rarely considered in the design of database schemas. This is either because ENUM is unknown, or because one or two drawbacks have created a wrong impression of it, hiding is major advantages. I use ENUM, because I consider it extremely good to define constraints to column values, providing a very descriptive design to match the business logic. This presentation attempts to vindicate the value of ENUM, the underdog of the data types.

On this talk you'll learn:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of the ENUM types
  • How to use ENUM in your database schema design
  • Using ordering of ENUM values
  • Casting ENUM data types
  • Manipulating ENUM data types


Photo of Boriss Mejias Boriss Mejias