Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Fast Wireguard Mesh: VPP + wgsd + wg = ❤

Interconnect your services with taste

We will show how to leverage VPP, wgsd and WireGuard to build a dynamic, fast and secure overlay network to interconnect service nodes wherever they are: on-prem, in public clouds or behind NATs.

VPP is one of the fastest and versatile open-source networking dataplane running on general purpose CPU, implementing network services such as routing, bridging, ACLs, cryptography and more.

wgsd is an open source project maintained by Jordan Whited implementing DNS Service Discovery for Wireguard endpoints and automatically interconnecting them through a mesh of Wireguard tunnels.

WireGuard is a new VPN technology created by Jason A. Donenfeld that is getting popular thanks to its simplicity.


Photo of Benoît Ganne Benoît Ganne