Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Vircadia - A Technical Introduction

Vircadia is a "metaverse" -- a shared 3D/VR space for doing most anything you want, including holding meetings, hosting events, socializing, playing games and education. It is a continuation of the now dead High Fidelity project, developed by volunteers.

In this talk I will give a very short explanation of what the project is about, and follow up with a series of quick technical introductions about the architecture and how to get started.

People interested in an overview of the project, its history and the basics of how it works may want to watch our LCA talk:

The talk will be simple, but technical. The purpose is to explain the architecture of the system, and to give people a way to quickly get started. The content covered will be:

  1. What is this, and who we are
  2. Basic architecture of the system
  3. How to get it (installing or compiling)
  4. Basic controls and interface
  5. How to create objects
  6. How to write a very simple script
  7. How to write a more complex script
  8. How to host a server
  9. Question time


Photo of Vadim Troshchinskiy Vadim Troshchinskiy