Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Is your elephant a gazelle?

How to accelerate IPsec elephant flows

Elephant flows appear irregularly, can consume almost half of the available bandwidth and are consequently associated with a host of issues. Securing elephant flows with IPsec is a well-known challenge to SDN and SD-WAN solutions on commodity hardware. The key problems for those developing solutions are: - How to seamlessly enable dedicated HW to accelerate IPsec processing when available? - How to distribute workloads to more CPU cores and maintain packets ordering to scale? - How to scale up/scale down the computer resource usage when the elephant flow appears and disappears? In this talk we will discuss our recent work done on open-source project to address the above problems. We will describe how we utilized and enriched the VPP architecture to accelerate on-demand IPsec elephant flow processing in a unified and seamless way.


Fan Zhang