Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Stairstep your Kubernetes deployment workflow with Gimlet and GitOps

From naive but functional setups, to GitOps at scale

GitOps looks straightforward from the outset, but early implementations showed that piecing together your GitOps workflow involves many decisions - big and small - adding up to a lot of work.

In this talk you get to know multiple GitOps strategies through OpsGit, a hypothetical company that embarks on the GitOps journey. They start naive, but functional, then stairstep their workflow to support multiple teams and environments.

This talk will also be the first show of Gimlet, an open-source project that provides the tools and workflows whether you are just getting started with GitOps, or want to use GitOps at scale.

At the end of the talk you will know how to implement GitOps at your company, and will have access to example git repositories to replicate the approaches presented in the talk.


Photo of Laszlo Fogas Laszlo Fogas