Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


MariaDB PaaS using systemd multi-instance / socket activation

Bare metal, but still modern

Using baremetal and user level segregation, we can use systemd multi-instance to provide MariaDB as on demand PaaS, where every user gets their own configuration.

This talk will show you what this looks like from a user and system maintainer perspective.

With containers as all the rage, and the perceived default way of doing things, lets take a look at another approach of PaaS. Systemd as a service manager provides significant functionality on delivering multiple similar services in a managed way, so why not MariaDB PaaS?

So with a few configuration changes from a default MariaDB install, let's show what a per user database instances looks like. Adding socket activation to mix and see "serverless" capability before it came fad with Kubernetes.

On top of that, a brief look at abstract sockets that have been in MariaDB for while and what they could look like in a PaaS environment.


Daniel Black