Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Etebase - Your End-to-End Encrypted Backend

Building encrypted applications has never been easier

Etebase is a software development kit and backend for building end-to-end encrypted applications. Think Firebase, but encrypted in a way that only end-users can access their data.

This is in contrast to how things are done today where the data is only encrypted while in-transit or at-rest, and is therefore accessible by anyone with access to the server, including service providers, rogue employees, hackers, and malicious governments to name a few.

This is not a theoretical threat. We live in an increasingly hostile digital world where out data is used to track, analyze and manipulate us all. With data breaches and privacy violations becoming a common occurrence, it's now more clear than even that our data is not safe.

Our goal with Etebase is to make it easy for developers to build encrypted applications, so that everyone's data can be encrypted and safe.

Etebase already powers the popular EteSync encrypted applications, and is also used in GNOME (Evolution) and KDE (KDE-PIM) among other projects. There are libraries for Rust, JavaScript (TypeScript), Java/Kotlin, Python, C/C++, and C#, with a few others in the works. Which means you can already use it in a variety of projects.

In this talk Tom will introduce the Etebase project, will show developers how to easily build encrypted and privacy respecting applications, and will discuss the project's design goals and future plans.

The work on Etebase has been made possible with financial support from NLnet Foundation, courtesy of NGI0 Discovery and the European Commission DG CNECT's Next Generation Internet programme.


Photo of Tom Hacohen (tasn) Tom Hacohen (tasn)