Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


A modular future for GNU Radio

The vision for a new GNU Radio runtime is to have a straightforward implementation of distributed SDR systems that make efficient use of the platform and its accelerators. Though there have been many projects over the years to address some of these goals, many aspects are challenging to do in the current GNU Radio runtime.

One year ago, several of us got together at the pre-FOSDEM hackfest and started planning how to "write a GNU Radio runtime that works for humans". Since that time the project has taken several different directions, all aiming to make the core aspects of GNU Radio modular and easier to use by laying a fresh foundation. In this talk, we will overview the current state of the "newsched" project, and where we plan to take it.


Photo of Bastian Bloessl Bastian Bloessl
Photo of Josh Morman Josh Morman