Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Designing an open communication framework for the connected car

The connected car has been around some time but we are still waiting for a large breakthrough when it comes to third party services powered by vehicle data. The fragmentation of different technical solutions makes it difficult for 3rd parties or developers to work with easily accessible vehicle APIs.

To tackle this, the GENIVI Cloud & Connected Services project is designing an end-to-end communication framework starting from the data transfer from embedded systems in the vehicles and spanning to cloud based APIs. The framework is built on open protocols and is demonstrated with open-source reference code with the aim of simplifying implementation work for both car manufacturers and 3rd party developers. This presentation will detail the work results to date and will be co-presented by Kevin Valdek from HIGH MOBILITY and Ulf Bjorkengren from Geotab.

We’ll have a look at the key technical challenges and considerations that are necessary to make in order to create a successful framework. Designing a useful API for developers starts in the vehicle where topics like the data model is already considered. Further on, we’ll show a Proof-of-Concept implementation that anyone can try out.

The Proof-of-Concept implements a data server in the vehicle that exposes an API to data clients, such as backend servers. The data transfer interface follows the W3C Vehicle API protocol and the Proof-of-Concept brings in additional considerations in the cloud to make APIs available to 3rd party developers.

The GENIVI Alliance is a non-profit automotive industry alliance that develops standard approaches for integrating operating systems and middleware present in the centralized and connected vehicle cockpit. The Cloud & Connected Services project is performed by a work group that is open for anyone to join and to contribute to.

Kevin Valdek is the CTO at HIGH MOBILITY Ulf Bjorkengren is a Senior Connectivity Strategist at Geotab


Kevin Valdek
Photo of Ulf Bjorkengren Ulf Bjorkengren