Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Bringing Pinax Back to Life

Pinax is an open-source ecosystem of reusable Django starter projects, apps, and themes for building websites. When developers began building Pinax in 2007, they had fun adding to it, but eventually Pinax had grown to become around 80 projects and apps. Without a strategy in place to make Pinax as easy as possible to maintain, the maintainers began to suffer burnout. I was hired to work on Pinax in the fall of 2017. In my talk, I'll outline the critical problems I've discovered and the solutions I'm implementing to make Pinax healthier and easier to maintain today and in the future. Pinax is a work in progress and I'm interested in sharing what I've learned.


Photo of Katherine Michel Katherine Michel
Photo of Xithrius Xithrius