Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


An I2P-based, fully distributed Bank

Free Banking Technology. For Everyone.

Imagine: I2P (aka "Darknet"), a highly energy-efficient, new and fully distributed storage engine, some basic banking business logic and a fresh user interface.

Result: a highly privacy-respecting, in theory secure, yet very slow, personal bank. Meet - the first non-profit, non-corporate, very-small-tech and research-driven association developing "Free Banking Technology - For Everyone". All licensed under AGPLv3+.

The presentation is about the technology stack of the truly distributed free banking technology "DIVA". It's also about the fact that "distributed technology" does not offer anything like a "business model" in the old-fashioned-cloudy way. It's about the overlay network "I2P". It's about the distributed storage engine "Iroha" and the challenges with a very slow network. It's about banking business logic, the user interface and its challenges being fully distributed. And it's about the research co-operations in Switzerland.

DIVA is small and local tech for everyone.


Photo of Konrad Bächler Konrad Bächler