Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Strengthening Developer Communities in mid of pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to send shockwaves throughout almost all industries, it’s important for developers to nurture their communities in a well-efficient way and prepare them for the future. The overwhelmed communication systems, improving remote culture, and fostering community coordination are the three main areas on which we need to focus on. It is important to recognize that community development is an organic process, the listed steps (not in order) are to be considered on how we empower people, communities, and the industries around us:

  • Learn about the community
  • Listen to community members
  • Bring people together to develop a shared vision
  • Assess community assets and resources, needs and issues
  • Help community members to recognize and articulate areas of concern and their causes
  • Establish a 'vehicle for change’
  • Develop an action plan
  • Implement an action plan
  • Evaluate the results of actions
  • Reflect and regroup

People want to live in resilient and healthy communities. Well-being and positive mental health start here. Further mental health services need to consider how they harness the assets and strengths of communities in developing approaches that empower people in their recovery journeys.


Photo of Sonia Singla Sonia Singla