Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Open source PMCI stack implementation for add-in-card manageability.

Disaggregated computing today relies more on add-in-cards like FPGAs/Smart NICs/xPUs. Traditionally add-in-cards have relied on IPMI based manageability solutions. However, the newer standards from DMTF (PMCI protocol stack) provide more robust and scalable solutions for add-in card manageability. SPDM provides the attestation and secure communication channel between the BMC and the add-in cards. MCTP/PLDM stack provides mechanisms for the BMC to auto discover card’s capabilities and carry out manageability functions like sensor monitoring, event logging, firmware updates etc. This provides significant advantage over IPMI which lacked secure communications and had limitations on supporting advanced high speed interfaces like PCIe and had limitations on number of sensors it could support.

We plan to present on how add-in-cards can be managed through PMCI protocols and how do we model the add-in-cards’ manageability functions in a way a DataCentre orchestration software can consume it (i.e. Redfish modelling of add-in-cards). The implementation is planned for OpenBMC and a variety of Add-In-Cards can be supported through a standard manageability model.


Photo of Sumanth Bhat Sumanth Bhat
Photo of Cezary Sobczak Cezary Sobczak