Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Don't be Afraid of Async

Automate Mundane Tasks with a bot by using

Everybody hates mundane tasks, they are boring, repetitive and time-consuming. That’s why I love building bots, they can finish my tasks for me by working 24/7. But to build a bot to interact with the users, you have to write in async. If you are afraid of async, don’t worry! Today I am telling you how I learn using async and how I avoid checking in 500+ people in a conference by building a bot with

In the first part of the talk, there will be a short introduction to Discord. As more and more conference goes online, it’s become a more and more popular tool among the Python community. I will also introduce, a python library that offered an async API to let you build a Discord bot. This will give the audiences a background about the following quick demo and explanation of a simple bot that I built.

In the second part of the talk, I will walk through how to build a bot for registering attendees for EuroPython. Following a quick demo, I will also give a walkthrough about some of the async coroutines available in event listener like on_ready and commands. I will also explain how the async code is different from the sync code and the danger of mixing them together.

Hopefully, audiences will be inspired to build their own bot and learn a little bit about writing async code in Python and using This talk is suitable for attendees who got basic knowledge in Python but not necessarily know about Discord or async.


Photo of Cheuk Ho Cheuk Ho
Photo of Xithrius Xithrius