Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


A Hitchhiker's Tour to Containerizing a Java application

While a plain Dockerfile gets the job done, there are actually many more ways to containerize your Java app. They come with a couple of pros, and some cons.

As “the Cloud” becomes more and more widespread, now is a good time to assess how you can containerize your Java application. I assume you’re able to write a a Dockerfile around the generated JAR. However, each time the application’s code will change, the whole image will need to be rebuilt. If you’re deploying to a local Kubernetes cluster environment, this increases that much the length of the feedback loop.

In this demo-based talk, I’ll present different ways to get your Java app in a container: Dockerfile, Jib, and Cloud Native Buildpacks. We will also have a look at what kind of Docker image they generate, how they layer the images, whether those images are compatible with skaffold, etc.


Photo of Nicolas Frankel Nicolas Frankel