Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


MoveTK: the movement toolkit

A library for understanding movement

MoveTK is a reusable, well tested, high performant, feature-rich library that incorporates state of the art algorithms for computational movement analysis. The library is designed to be extensible such that it can be adapted for various movement analysis tasks. The library has been developed as part of a collaboration between HERE Technologies, Eindhoven University of Technology and Utrecht University under the Commit2Data program.

This talk is intended to showcase the scalability of MoveTK to large geo-spatial data sets. Moreover, through visualisations, we will demonstrate the various movement analysis algorithms that are available in MoveTK. Any scalable movement analysis task can be based on three fundamental building blocks: (a) the representation of (geo-)spatial movement data (b) the shape and specifically geometric aspect of movement and (c) algorithms that have theoretical bounds on their time and space complexity. Therefore, we will present the design decisions adopted in MoveTK, that allows seamless interoperability between these fundamental building blocks.


Photo of Aniket Mitra Aniket Mitra