Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


OpenBMC introduction and porting guide

    ​​OpenBMC is an Open Source Software project started in an effort to create a secure, scalable, open source firmware code for BMC. Apart from the usual benefits arising from Open Source nature, OpenBMC brings in additional advantages like a.) state-of-the-art build system based on Yocto - an embedded linux distribution - which simplifies the process of building customized Linux, b.) Robust Managebility framework based on (4 pillars - REST, JSON, HTTPS, ODATAv4) RedFish, c.) Superior Modularity with D-bus IPC mechanism which is known for its well defined interfaces, d.) Ability to customize the code, e.) Support for IPMI, etc.

In this video, I will show you:

     1. OpenBMC introduction
     2. Yocto & Systemd concepts
     3. Demo of building your first OpenBMC image in toaster environment and running it in QEMU, 
     4. Short-demo of OpenBMC porting to new platform using JSON files.

Porting OpenBMC to new platforms becomes easy with easily customizable JSON files representing the platforms entities like baseboard, PSU, chassis, etc.  i.e.) Platform entities are abstracted as JSON files, and sensors properties of each entity is represented as JSON key-value pairs.  This can help any one having little or no experience in OpenBMC to easily port it to new platforms in quick time.


Photo of Saravanan Palanisamy Saravanan Palanisamy