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09:00 News from the VirtualSquare World Welcome to Graph Devroom 2014 Automotive Development devroom IP risks for OSS developers Welcoming and Introduction State of Wine Energy scavenging, battery life and should we build more power stations Logic Programming in Python Introduction to LLVM dev-room
  Graphbuilder Rump Kernels, Just Components Clang: Re-inventing the Compiler
  Media wrangling in the car with GENIVI requirements
09:30 Sisyphus is Happy Pipelight - Netflix and more via Wine Measuring energy consumption in embedded systems Introduction to py.test fixtures Javascript Room Welcome
  Virtualization in Android based and embedded systems
09:45 From 0 to a complex webapp in 30 minutes Welcome to IoT Devroom Intro to the SDR devroom Go Devroom Welcome
  Welcome to the Testing/Automation Devroom
  Genode as general-purpose OS - progress report and demonstration
10:00 F-Droid OpTiMSoC python-netsnmpagent -- Writing net-snmp AgentX subagents in Python The mbed platform Testing Kernel GFX Drivers AppStream & Listaller Research on an Open-Source Software Platform for Autonomous Driving Systems Licensing and Packaging FOSS with SPDX Flow-based programming for heterogeneous systems Working with GNU Radio Elasticsearch 1.0 Preventing craziness: a deep dive into OpenStack testing automation OpenPyXL Beyond the To-do List Valgrind Support in the Eclipse IDE Auto-Vectorization in LLVM
  Iris Decentralized Messaging
10:15 Fast and Memory Efficient Road Routing with GraphHopper An approach for energy consumption analysis of programs using LLVM
  Linux Configuration Collector Getting cross-platform: bringing virtualization management to the PPC world
10:30 mbed Open SDK & Open HDK The User Experience OpenIoT LPI Exam Session 3 Introducing the Eve REST API Framework Testing of valgrind RPMs in RHEL The Avatar project - improving embedded security with S2E, KLEE and Qemu
  BibOS Admin - a web-based, easy to use admin system for Ubuntu Camlistore
10:45 The LDBC Social Graph Data Generator Building automotive HTML 5 UIs with Franca HelenOS annual update Building Link-Layer Protocols in a Lego-like Fashion spEEDO: Energy Efficiency through Debug suppOrt Building front-end JavaScript apps that scale
  How you can benefit from using Redis
11:00 HTML5 Video Part Deux ARM: Allwinner sunxi SoC's and the community behind it What's New in a Project? Ganeti: the New&Arcane Memory Tuning Android for Low-RAM Devices Intel BayTrail graphics overview Cross Distro Automation Considering the Future of Copyleft Current State of IEEE 802.15.4/6LoWPAN Stack inside the Linux Kernel ANSTE - Advanced Network Service Testing Environment Stack switching for fun and profit SimuVEX The LLVMLinux project
11:15 Giraph: two years later
  Project development & community metrics for fun and profit
11:30 The Amazing Wine Test Framework Federating Access to IoT using OAuth osmocom: Overview of our SDR projects cwrap - The libc wrapper project SQLAlchemy Drill Cute - a smaller Angular
  The microkernel OS Escape
  LSB, LANANA, FHS, LSB 5, LF, RPM5 Expanding oVirt's horizons
11:45 The Power of Graphs to Analyze Biological Data Xen on ARM Open Energy Measurement Hardware Schema Design with MongoDB Interfaces: a new leaf for an old book
12:00 The Wikipedia stack Power management: a system wide challenge Babelfish for DevOps: syslog-ng Booting Linux Made Easy: A Barebox Update Nouveau - On-going work, demos and research Growing a GNU with Guix Legal issues from a radical community angle Wine BOF XMPP in the world of IoT Some recipes with Alembic How to contribute to LLVM
12:15 Bio4j: bigger, faster, leaner Tutorial: OFDM Packet Transceivers Open Low Power Devices Evolutionary algorithms
  Blare: policy-based intrusion detection systems oVirt Hosted Engine: The Egg That Hosts its Parent Chicken
12:30 The Connected Car and FOSS LTE in your Linux-based system Measuring application energy consumption with instrumented hardware (workshop) Standalone applications testing and automation Post-mortem Debugging and Web Development Two uses cases for the clang C++ parser: Online Code Browser and Qt moc Replacement.
  Mailvelope: OpenPGP for the browser
12:45 Bio4j + Statika
13:00 MirageOS: compiling functional library operating systems USE OTR or how we learned to start worrying and love cryptography Adventures with CloudStack and OpenDaylight Lumicall - an open alternative to Viber Grate DevAssistant - What's in it for You? Semantic Graphs Are For Everyone State of the Union: What's new in the L4Re Microkernel System Wine on Android The Fluksometer as an IoT hub LPI Exam Session 4 Using a hypermedia API with Angular.js Helgrind: a constraint-based data race detector Statically compiling Ruby with LLVM Scaling with go: Youtube's Vitess
13:15 In-vehicle DLNA with Rygel and dLeyna Towards an Open Source IEEE 802.11p Stack
13:30 Android Sensors 101 PicoTCP Unicorns Javascript for enterprise
  Managing data for interactive applications with Couchbase
  Tunnels as a Connectivity and Segregation Solution for Virtualized Networks
13:45 Managing the Car Cloud connection GNURadio as a general purpose DSP environment
  Secure applications on top of L4
14:00 What's New in OpenLDAP Capsicum Identifying Hotspots in Software Build Processes Underwater Acoustics to Opkg An Introduction to the Video4Linux Framework See Your Project Pulse in Real-Time with Fedmsg LevelGraph - a graph store for node.js and the browser! Taking license compatibility semi-seriously Performance of Wine and Common Graphics Drivers OpenTRV: resource-constained computing: less is more Automation in the Foreman Infrastructure The next generation Python Software Foundation (PSF) Porting Valgrind on Solaris LDC - the LLVM-based D compiler
  Write your own Go compiler
14:15 Wireless Networks In-the-Loop Hidden gems in npm
  Introducing the Meson build system Media redirection for Spice remote computing solution
  GNU/Hurd DDE userland device drivers
14:30 Natural Language Processing with Neo4J Participant driven discussion Headless with Cassandra How PyPy makes your code run fast
  Fuel Stop Advisor: the GENIVI LBS APIs into action
  Introduction to LAVA Looking toward Go 1.3
14:45 libLTE
15:00 Persistent Memory No more IPv4 Security model using Smack for embedded systems How we ported FreeBSD to PVH What if we could change programming languages? The Lima driver Non-Coders Wanted Why Licenses Requiring Use of Trademarks are Non-Free Virtualization Dungeon on ARM Direct3D Q&A LPI Exam Session 5 Using Gatling and Jenkins to Performance Test Puppet Using All These Cores: Transactional Memory under the hood (PyPy) Javascript & Robotics GDB, so where are we now? Case study/tutorial on using LLVM in REPL systems
15:15 Graphgists - live graph documentation on steroids. Tizen 3 Application Framework GNU Radio Hardware Acceleration on Xilinx Zynq Porting Go to New Platforms
  Web and mobile testing made awesome
  SQL to NoSQL, what you need to know
15:30 Integrity protection solutions for embedded systems Win-builds and Mingw-w64: Package manager and modern toolchains for Windows MAGEEC A deep dive into PEP3156, the new asyncio module Combining the power of Valgrind and GDB
  Community-Lab You have a Cloud, now What ? Read-Copy-Update for HelenOS
15:45 SDR devroom closing session JavaScript in the Real World
16:00 Concurrent Programming Made Simple Using RIPE Atlas API for measuring IPv6 Reachability Advanced disk image management with libguestfs Metadata tracker lima driver: Opening up the Mali instruction set UEFI is not your enemy Graph Search Tizen IVI "from scratch": customizing, building and testing Licensing Models and Building an Open Source Community Pride and Prejudice: Testing in the PHP World Concurrent programming with Python and my little experiment BoF: Valgrind and GDB integration An approach for energy consumption analysis of programs using LLVM
  Wine hacking session
16:15 EACOF: The Energy-Aware COmputing Framework
  Ceph Bring your virtualized networking stack to the next level OpenShift & MongoDB Go Lightning Talks
16:30 Visualize your Graph Database EU research funding - Horizon 2020 and Free Software Rethinking Resource Control YARN, the Apache Hadoop Platform for Streaming, Realtime and Batch Processing Integrating Python and C using CFFI Javascript Devroom Wrap-up BoF: Ideas, new features and directions for Valgrind High Level Loop Optimizations in LLVM
  NFC and the Vehicle
  The SAML protocol
17:00 NSA operation ORCHESTRA: Annual Status Report Putting the PaaS in OpenStack Sunxi KMS driver What Ubuntu Does to Help Users Jenkins developers/users birds of a feather PyPy : a fast Python Virtual Machine
  Your Complete Open Source Cloud
17:30 Generators, or how to step to the infinite and beyond
  Closing FOSDEM 2014