Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Genode as general-purpose OS - progress report and demonstration

The Genode OS project started 2006 as tool kit for building microkernel-based special-purpose operating systems. Over the course of the past years, it has grown to a state where it becomes feasible to be used as general-purpose OS for daily computing needs. This talk will present the many challenges that we faced on our way during the past year.

The topics range from making microkernels such as NOVA fit for highly dynamic workloads, over the creation of low-level OS infrastructure and the porting of existing software stacks, to the question of how the user interacts with a system that that largely deviates from the classical path of Unix-like OSes. In the line of the presentations of the past years, the talk will be garnished with various demonstrations.


Norman Feske