Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


osmocom: Overview of our SDR projects

rtl-sdr, gr-osmosdr, osmo-tetra, osmo-gmr, gr-fosphor and more !

Osmocom stands for Open-Source MObile COMmunication. It's an umbrella project for several sub-projects that focus on implementing various telecom standard. A growing part of these are using SDR and theses are the the ones that will be presented in this talk.

Among theses are rtl-sdr, a library to use cheap dvb-t dongle as SDR receiver; gr-osmosdr, a GNURadio source block to support multiple capture hardware easily in your apps; osmo-tetra, an sdr implementation of a TETRA receiver; osmo-gmr, a protocol stack for this satphone standard; gr-fosphor, a GPU accelerated spectrum visualization block for GNURadio.


Sylvain Munaut