Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


python-netsnmpagent -- Writing net-snmp AgentX subagents in Python

Implementing custom MIBs made easy

python-netsnmpagent is a Python module that facilitates writing Net-SNMP subagents in Python. Subagents connect to a locally running Master agent (snmpd) over a Unix domain socket (eg. "/var/run/agentx/master") and using the AgentX protocol (RFC2747). They implement custom Management Information Base (MIB) modules that extend the local node's MIB tree. Usually, this requires writing a MIB as well, ie. a text file that specifies the structure, names and data types of the information within the MIB module.

This lightning talk will give a really quick introduction to SNMP and MIBs and show how easy it is to implement your own custom MIBs using Python and python-netsnmpagent.


Pieter Hollants