Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Tizen 3 Application Framework

A multi User App Framework for IVI

Embedded system such as those used in Automotive, TV, or phones did not need to offer multi user support until recently. With the increasing of personalisation and security requirement, offering single user model, in particular for Automotive, is not any more acceptable. Tizen 3 new Application Framework, which is currently under developement at, introduces a new model which aims at solving those issues. This talk explains how.

Traditional login and application launch process used on Linux PCs does not fit well with Automotive use cases. A new multi user model is currently Under development in the Open at

We will see how the new Tizen Multi User Application Framework introduces a separation between the screen for the connected user while offering Application sandboxing. We will explain how the model can support guest users, enabling key generic applications to be started before any user login, making them available in a few seconds. We will also clarify what model is offered for Application Sandboxing by default and how it can be expanded to support more security demanding requirements.

We will conclude by explaining what the current state of the codebase is and clarify how to join the project for those interested.


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