Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014



An Open Source LTE Library

libLTE is a free and open source LTE library for SDR mobile terminals and base stations. The library does not rely on any external dependencies or frameworks.

The project contains a set of Python tools for the automatic code generation of modules for popular SDR frameworks, including GNURadio, ALOE++, IRIS, and OSSIE. These tools are easy to use and adapt for generating targets for specific platforms or frameworks.

libLTE is a continuation of the Open-Source LTE Deployment (OSLD) project. OSLD provides an LTE library together with ALOE++, a real-time SDR framework. libLTE builds upon the success of OSLD and provides complementary tools for researchers and manufacturers that do not wish to use a specific SDR framework.

More info and download on ALOE++ and OSLD:


Ismael Gomez