Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


In-vehicle DLNA with Rygel and dLeyna

In-vehicle media systems are going to be increasingly connected with other devices and media sources, that much seems certain. This could just mean integrating services like Spotify into the system or it could mean delegating actual media handling to personal devices and using the vehicle media system as just a dumb output device... but it could also mean car entertainment systems that use DLNA to interoperate with other media devices to give users all the media they want on whatever device they want.

This talk provides an overview of what DLNA can be used for in a car environment; it also tries to define what actually makes sense in that context. Rygel and dLeyna (as deployed in Tizen IVI) are used to show a practical example of this. The relevant features and requirements of Rygel and dLeyna are explained. More importantly, there will be discussion on what is required when integrating these stacks with different media players, media engines, media storages, and content security systems.


Jussi Kukkonen