Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Standalone applications testing and automation

We are a group of engineers from Red Hat's Desktop QE team and we would like to discuss stand-alone application testing on Linux. During this workshop we'd like to show existing workflows of application testing, discuss testing tools, and overall influence of quality engineers on open source software development process.

This workshop is meant to be discussion point for every person interested in improving quality of open source application. We would like to start with sharing Red Hat's experience and approach to testing and automation across several teams, components (packages) and other interested parties.

Topics to be covered (no specific order):

  • Success stories (Evolution, NetworkManager)
    • Bugs found by automated tests
    • Code coverage improvement
  • Static code analysis - cppcheck, clang etc.
  • Debugging tests in VM on Jenkins
  • 'Run per commit' vs 'daily runs' - Evolution and NetworkManager experience
  • Downstream vs. upstream tests
    • Upstream: gnome-continuous, installed tests
    • Downstream: beaker and jenkins for fedora project
  • Integration tests on Beaker. Fedora's experince
  • Behaviour driven testing
    • Abstraction and step re-use, which simplifies testing with several frontends ( GTK/QT vs TUI vs CLI testing)
  • Dogtail and accessibility:
    • Upstream tests in PiTiVi

We'd like to invite developers and QA-involved participants interested to discuss advanced ways of testing and auotmation for standalone open source applications


Vadim Rutkovsky