Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


The Connected Car and FOSS

How does the modern connected car use and interact with FOSS?

How do modern connected cars use and interact with FOSS? How can an industry adopt the best practices from Open Source and Free Software? Its more than just using Linux and incorporating environments like Android, you have to engage communities. How do you as a developer engage?

This talk will describe how you can engage with various initiatives in the industry. We'll also describe the landscape of various collaboration projects and alliances to help negotiate a rapidly changing ecosystem.

In the Big Picture, FOSS has had a huge impact. This talk will describe the strategic landscape of the various alliances and projects that allow individual developers to connect to the vehicle. We'll also look at the specific technologies and protocols that are being brought forward in the open that are concrete examples of how they bridge the two communities (FOSS and automotive.) Topics like Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (EAVB), Android for In-Vehicle Infotainment, Qt, Wayland, and others will be addressed to show an example of FOSS' impact on vehicles.


Mikael Söderberg