Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Javascript & Robotics

Implementing autonomous flight of a quadcopter in NodeJS.

Will you have an autonomous flying robot taking your pictures and filming you during your next holidays?

Although it may sound like science fiction, it is in fact possible today, and with just a few hundred euro worth of equipment. Robotics is reaching the stage where every hobbyist can play with it, at low cost, and with accessible programming languages such as Javascript. I'll present my work on implementing autonomous flight of a quadcopter in Javascript. This work is based on the popular #nodecopter project and libraries.

The talk will consist of a brief introduction to the Nodecopter project, and an overview of some basic robotics concepts and how I implemented them in NodeJS. We will discuss state estimation, Kalman Filters, tag/object detection, mission planning, etc.


Laurent Eschenauer