Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Metadata tracker

Metadata indexing and RDF SPARQL endpoint for mobile and embedded

A presentation about the current state of the project and technologies where the software is being used (Jolla Phone, N9, N900, GNOME and infotainment systems in cars). Encountered pitfalls and lessons learned.

Metadata Tracker is now being used not only on the N900 and N9, but is and will be used on the Jolla Phone. On top a software developer for several car brands, Pelagicore, claims to be using it with custom made ontologies. Other hardware companies have approached the team about integrating the software with their products. In this presentation I'd like to highlight the difficulties those companies encountered and how the project deals with them, dependencies to get a minimal system up and running cleanly and I'd like to propose some future ideas.


Philip Van Hoof