Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Preventing craziness: a deep dive into OpenStack testing automation

OpenStack is a large infrastructure software stack openly developed by hundreds of developers across the world, producing hundreds of changes per day. How do we stay sane, make sure this complex software stack works, and produce releases every 6 months like clockwork?

In this talk, we'll look into the principles behind the OpenStack gate, which ensures that every proposed change goes through rigorous automated testing before being merged. We'll look into the implementation details of our cloud-based solution, which involves Jenkins, Gerrit and a set of homegrown open source tools. We'll explore the unique set of challenges created by running such a strict gating system while maintaining our development velocity. And best of all, we'll see how this whole system setup is entirely automated by Puppet with open-sourced configuration everyone can contribute to.

This talk should appeal to anyone interested in successfully applying testing and automation principles in large open source projects. No previous knowledge of OpenStack is necessary.


Thierry Carrez