Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


The mbed platform

Development platform for embedded devices

The mbed platform is a framework for developing embedded applications with ARM MCUs. It consists of a SDK (software development kit) and a HDK (hardware development kit) which work together to provide a complete software and hardware solution and reference platform for developing a broad range of embedded applications.

mbed also provides a platform agnostic on-line development environment that can be used to develop embedded applications, as well as a large number of drivers and libraries for various peripherals and protocols, many of them written and maintained by a large community of open source developers. Applications can also be exported (and subsequently developed) off-line for a number of popular IDEs. The whole framework is provided under a permissive open source license that allows using the framework for both non-commercial and commercial applications. This presentations will give an overview of the mbed framework, with an accent on how easy it is to develop embedded applications with mbed.


Bogdan Marinescu