Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


The microkernel OS Escape

In the talk I'll give an overview about Escape and explain the most important concepts. Especially, I'll present the virtual file system that the kernel provides and that is among others used for getting access to drivers.

Escape is a UNIX-like microkernel operating system which I'm developing since October 2008 as a hobby. It runs on x86 and the two rather exotic architectures ECO32 and MMIX. The kernel provides processes, threads, memory management, a virtual file system and message passing. The userspace consists of drivers/services (ATA/ATAPI, ROM-disk, filesystem with support for ext2 and iso9660, UI-manager, window-manager, virtual terminal, keyboard, mouse, PCI, RTC, VGA, VESA and a few others), libraries (C, C++, GUI and others), simple versions of the well known UNIX tools (ls, ps, cat, head, less, ...) and a GUI.


Nils Asmussen