Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Visualize your Graph Database

Techniques to view, explore and modify your graph data with ArangoDB

If you are using a graph database you might want to get a visual representation of your data. In this talk I will present a visualization tool build on top of the Open Source Database ArangoDB. This tool allows a user to explore the graph by visually traversing through it. I will also present some challenges of graph visualization and my solutions for them.

In the NoSQL world a type of databases has emerged which is called graph database. These databases allow you to store data in a graph format (like social networks) natively and query it efficiently. But how can we visualize the data? Typically the resulting graph is too large to be displayed as a whole, but a local view on specific vertex is often useful. The user should be able to continue exploring the graph from this starting point. As we are talking about a graph database the user should be able to modify the graph during this process.

In this talk we will see strategies to layout the graph in the process above. Further more we will see limitations of such visualisation and I will present my solutions to these limitations:

  • grouping of vertices
  • zooming strategies
  • layout optimization Technologies presented in this talk:

  • d3.js: Library to render the graph and for the layout algorithm

  • ArangoDB: The underlying graph database


Michael Hackstein