Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Building front-end JavaScript apps that scale

Developing large apps is difficult. Ensuring that the code is consistent, well structured, tested, and that the architecture encourages maintainability is essential. When it comes to building large server-focused apps the solutions to this problem have been tried and tested. But, how do we achieve this when it comes to HTML5 single page apps?

In this talk you'll learn about the main concepts we have applied, how we have applied them - and how you can too - to achieve what might sound like the impossible.

BladeRunnerJS is an open source developer toolkit and lightweight front-end framework that has helped the company I work for (Caplin Systems) ensure that a 200k LoC JavaScript codebase hasn’t become a tangled mess of unstable spaghetti code (with bacon bits). This codebase is then delivered to customers, along with around 50k LoC example functionality for them to build upon, and they're expected not to turn that into a tangled ... you get the idea.


Phil Leggetter