Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014



Community-supported Service Provision and Network Experimentation

The Community-Lab testbed helps community networks provide and manage their own infrastructure to support cloud-like service provision and realistic experimentation in network technologies.

Developed by the CONFINE project, the Community-Lab testbed pushes the envelope of FLOSS technologies (OpenWrt+LXC Linux containers, open REST APIs over Django, tinc+IPv6 mesh networking…) to provide community networks with free/libre software and knowledge that enable them to run realistic networking experiments and support cloud-like service provision on top of self-provided and self-managed computing and networking infrastructure. CONFINE also participates in major FLOSS projects related with community and mesh networking (OpenWrt, qMp, bmx6, OLSR, DLEP…) together with some of the largest community networks (AWMN, FunkFeuer,


Ivan Vilata-i-Balaguer