Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


The Lima driver

An update on the command stream/driver side of the open source driver for ARM Mali GPUs.

This talk provides an update on the lima driver progress of the past year. It will cover the work done on providing a Mesa driver for the Mali M family (M200/M400), and it will describe the current status of the reverse engineering work on the Mali T-series GPUs.

Like Vivante, ARMs Mali GPU is used only as an IP block in mix-n-match ARM based SoCs. This poses some specific challenges for graphics driver development. Then there is the unique design of the Mali M series GPUs and of ARMs kernel driver which has some further repercussions on the design of the mesa driver. The current working state of the Lima Mesa driver will be demonstrated and some of its design decisions and limitations will be explained.

To finish off, the status of the initial work on the Tamil driver, the future open source driver for Mali T-series (T6xx/T7xx) GPUs, will be described.


Luc Verhaegen