Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Virtualization Dungeon on ARM

Hands on experience talk about virtualization experiments

The talk introduces ARM's security extensions called TrustZone, and how they are used to run a guest OS on top of Genode's native ARM kernel. It is a hands on experience talk covering pitfalls and blind alleys on the road to success.

The Genode OS framework, which generally runs on top of various kernels, also contains a kernel library that allows Genode to run directly on bare ARM hardware. Therefore, the so called hw-kernel provides exactly the mechanisms required by Genode, making it in particular low-complex and at large understandable. This makes this kernel the ideal playground to do various experiments, including testing new hardware features. In this talk, the kernel will be briefly described, followed by an adventure report about our experiments with TrustZone support in Genode. The hw-kernel is used to executed an almost fully featured Genode system within the "secure world", while Android is executed concurrently in the "non-secure world" of TrustZone. The talk will include a short demo showing the results of these experiments.


Stefan Kalkowski