Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Win-builds and Mingw-w64: Package manager and modern toolchains for Windows

Setup your development environment in less than 5 minutes

Building for Windows is not the pain it used to be. This talk is an introduction to the history, philosophy, and current status of two FOSS projects mingw-w64 and win-builds which, when combined, offer a package manager and up-to-date toolchains and packages for Windows.

This talk will present two projects:

First, mingw-w64 which has brought most of the current changes for Windows toolchains: better API coverage in headers, GCC and binutils improvements, better standard conformance and Windows-related tooling.

Second,, a software distribution for Windows which can be installed on Windows or GNU/Linux through a package manager.

Roughly the first third of the presentation will be dedicated to mingw-w64. The remaining time will be for win-builds and will feature a status report for both the package manager and the packages it handles (i.e. your code). The intended audience is not limited to Wine users but also includes anyone interested in Windows support for free software. One of the goal of the talk is to foster cooperation between free software developers for this particular issue.


Adrien Nader