Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


See Your Project Pulse in Real-Time with Fedmsg

Fedmsg, the federated message bus, is a distributed system allowing bits of a project's infrastructure to publish events. This lightweight framework provides a central place to watch the life of a project, and allows anyone to listen in and trigger actions when an event is received.

Initially built by the Fedora Infrastructure team to uniformise communication between its services, the Fedmsg framework has now been adopted by Debian and even outside the realm of Linux distributions to broadcast events. All those deployments are using the same framework, and the same tools, fostering the ever-needed interoperability and collaboration between free software and open data projects.

In this talk, we will present how fedmsg works, how it was deployed in the Fedora and Debian infrastructures, and some of the technical choices that were made during those deployments. We will also present the applications being developed around the bus, as well as some ideas for future ones.


Nicolas Dandrimont
Pierre-Yves Chibon