Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


What Ubuntu Does to Help Users

And What other Distros Can Learn from Ubuntu

I will be presenting a practical guide that shows an overview of the ways that Ubuntu offers support to their users and relate this to how other developers and distributions can help out their users.

Ubuntu is a distribution with a great number of users, who all need help in different ways. I will be going over these different ways that Ubuntu offers support for users through the great community of Ubuntu, and in the process allowing people from other distributions to see the some opportunities for them to ways that they can adopt some of our ways. I will be going over several different platforms and communities, including but not limited to: The Ubuntu Community as a whole and the ways that the community can come together to help each other. Some of these areas that the community uses to benefit all the users are : Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu Forms, Ubuntu Lo-Co's, as well as the parts of the Ubuntu Local Communities that are best to help users out with. This will be done in an effort to allow people to see how they can adopt Ubuntu's support strategy to their distributions in ways that they need.


Philip Ballew