Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Tizen IVI "from scratch": customizing, building and testing

Setting up your own build system to mirror Tizen IVI and automate tests for your own requirements.

Currently, Tizen images are built with infrastructure on But if someone wants to customize the distro for their own requirements (specific device, pre-installed applications...), a way to do this is to setup a private build infrastructure.

In this talk, we’ll explain a method to rebuild Tizen from sources and achieve specific customizations and automate tests. The proposed infrastructure can be used during the development phase and later on for middle to long term support.

The following topics will be detailed: - general build workflow in Tizen - requirements for setting up a private build infrastructure - setup - build packages from source - publish packages in repositories - build custom Tizen images - install and test images; manually or automatically


Stéphane Desneux