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09:00 Open Source in Environmental Sustainability Reimplementing the Coreutils in a modern language (Rust) Welcome to the Network devroom Welcome to the Friends of OpenJDK (Foojay.io) Developer Room! The Microkernel Landscape in 2023 Elixir - Old wine in new casks Zimjs.com/kids/slate makes kids happy magic .js coders AMENDMENT Intro to public code and Digital Public Goods fq - jq for binary formats New Year -> New major-major version of MariaDB AMENDMENT Welcome to the Matrix Devroom Self-Hosting (Almost) All The Way Down (Keynote) What could go wrong? Me, I was Tour de Data Types: VARCHAR2 or CHAR(255)? Hardening Kernel Subsystems by Architectural Capabilities Monitoring and Observability Devroom Opening Welcome to Testing and Automation devroom Welcome to the SBOM devroom! Welcome to the Community Devroom Why we ditched JavaScript for Kotlin/JS Efficiently exploit HPC resources in scientific analysis and visualization with ParaView An introduction to async programming Reviving Reverse Polish Lisp The Virtual FOSDEM Infodesk (Sunday)
  Peer-to-peer Browser Connectivity After Nearly 30 Years, How Is Java So Popular? Linux Kernel Functional Testing Generating SBOM made easy with ORT Building External Evangelists
  AMENDMENT matrixRTC | Matrix beyond Instant Messaging CANCELLED GRUB - Project Status Update Monitor your databases with Open Source tools
  AMENDMENT Covid Exposure Notification Out in the Open
  Snabbflow: a scalable IPFIX exporter
09:30 Why And How To Upgrade To Java 17 (And Prepare For 21) Device driver gardening Introduction to Gleam Parsing binary formats with Kaitai Struct An introduction to MariaDB contributions Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) is easy, isn't it? Growing a lab for automated upstream testing: challenges and lessons learned Understanding and Managing the Dependency in SBOM with the New Feature of SW360 Doom on the browser thanks to WebAssmebly and .Net Simplifying the creation of Slurm client environments Accelerating object serialization by using constraints An Introduction to Guix Home
  Building Personalized AI Apps with MIT App Inventor QtRVSim—Education from Assembly to Pipeline, Cache Performance, and C Level Programming What I learned about leading a healthy project from speaking to 50+ maintainers
09:45 What is an IDS and Network Security Monitoring in 2023? Open Source Firmware status on AMD platforms 2023 - 4th edition
  AMENDMENT Global Open Source Quality Assurance of Emergency Supplies Observability in Postgres
  Best Practices For Real-Time Stream Processing (With Hazelcast Open Source Platform) AMENDMENT Clients as good as you'd expect
10:00 Making the world a better place through Open Source Zero Knowledge Cryptography and Anonymous Engineering Combining EASY!Appointments with Jitsi for online appointment management Using Genode as an enabler for research on modern operating systems Speak binary to me Deploying Galera Cluster in the real world Automating a rolling binary release for Spack How to Give Your Postgres Blog Posts an Outsize Impact Hybrid Networking Stack Demo MIPI cameras / libcamera BoF Introducing Vegvisir: An automation framework for testing QUIC application logic AMENDMENT: SBOM with the Yocto Project for Automotive Grade Linux Controlling the web with a PS5 controller Troika: Submit, monitor, and interrupt jobs on any HPC system with the same interface pip install malware Literate Storytelling: Interpreting Syntaxes for Explorers
  GNU poke
10:15 DDoS attack detection with open source FastNetMon Community AMENDMENT Public Money? Public Code! in Europe AMENDMENT: Automated SBoM generation with OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project Cultural Relativism
  Breaking away from Big Tech Keep Your Dependencies In Check Hedy: A gradual and multi-lingual programming language for education Porting RISC-V to GNU Guix
  Heads - status update!
10:30 LiveView keeps you warm! What is new in analytics for MariaDB Automation for Debian Packaging meta netdevices Application Monitoring with Grafana and OpenTelemetry Observability-driven development with OpenTelemetry Finite state machine (and some retrogaming) Self-service Kubernetes Platforms with RDMA on OpenStack Building a Semantic Search Application in Python, Using Haystack Conquering tribal knowledge with Grav tissue—the minimalist git+plain text issue tracker
  Grottocenter Stack walking/unwinding without frame pointers
10:45 ntopng: an actionable event-driven network traffic analysis application Major Migrations Made Easy With OpenRewrite Hermine: converting SBOMS into legal obligations
  The “Full-Stack DPGs” Contributor Experience 201
11:00 Building Strong Foundations for a More Secure Future Building an Plant Monitoring App with InfluxDB, Python, and Flask with Edge to cloud replication Consulting for digital humanists NOVA Microhypervisor Feature Update Distributed music programming with Gleam, BEAM, and the Web Audio API MicroBlocks: small, fast, human friendly Data-in-use Encryption with MariaDB Overview of Secure Boot state in the ARM-based SoCs Linux on RISC-V Upstream Collaboration and Linux Distributions Collaboration - Is that excluded? When it all GOes right MPTCP in the upstream kernel NLnet office hour Setting up OpenQA testing for GNOME Javascript for Privacy-Protecting Peer-to-Peer Applications How to deal with validation as an HPC software? How to build an event-driven application in Python Creating a content pipeline with Antora
  AMENDMENT Widgets in the "Sovereign Workplace" for the German public sector
  Rethinking Ecosystem Security After Log4Shell Practical introduction to OpenTelemetry tracing
11:15 So you want to build a deterministic networking system A standard BOM for Siemens
  A GitLab forge for all teachers and students in France? Libabigail, State Of The Onion
  Free Culture CV
11:30 The Actor Model as a Load Testing Framework InnoDB change buffer: Unsafe at any speed AMENDMENT Linux Distributions’ State of Gaming Graphing tools for scheduler tracing Console Automation with Termie Strong Dynamic Type Checking for JavaScript LOFAR: FOSS HPC across 2000 kilometers
  Elasticsearch Internals Trustworthy Platform Module
  FOSSbot: An open source and open design educational robot Snap! - Build Your Own Blocks AMENDMENT The New EU Interoperable Europe Act and the Reuse of Software in Public Administration How to add an GCC builtin to the RISC-V compiler
11:45 Hole punching in the wild Trixnity FOSSology and SPDX Tribe - a content structuring and collaborative framework
  GNU poke beyond the CLI (Command Line Interface) Exploring the power of OpenTelemetry on Kubernetes Fear the mutants. Love the mutants.
12:00 Rosegarden: A Slumbering Giant Practical Computerized Home Automation Tableaunoir: an online blackboard for teaching Securing Your Software Supply Chain One Open Source Project at a Time Evolution of OSv: Towards Greater Modularity and Composability MySQL 8 vs MariaDB 10.11 Building a Web UI for the Fedora installer AMENDMENT The Human Factor: Why Database teams Need Crew Resource Management Walking native stacks in BPF without frame pointers Secure Scuttlebutt Meeting Build recorder: a system to capture detailed information Uncover the Missing Link Secure by accident HPC Container Conformance An introduction to MicroPython Open Source Collaboration Tools for Alfresco
  Shorter feedback loops with Livebook
  The LDBC benchmark suite
12:15 "CNI Unleashed" Bridging ActivityPub with Kazarma Semihosting U-Boot
  Lua for the lazy C developer TurtleStitch - Coded Embroidery The state of r2land Bringing up the OpenHW Group RISC-V tool chains
  What I Miss In Java (The Perspectives Of A Kotlin Developer) Multiple Double Arithmetic on Graphics Processing Units
12:30 AMENDEMENT Future of public code and Digital Public Goods The MySQL Ecosystem in 2023 How we build and maintain Kairos composefs Observe your API with an API Gateway Plugins Discussion on SBOM contents Just A Community Minute The problems you will have when creating a plugins system for your shiny UI project
  Running Erlang and Elixir on microcontrollers with AtomVM All your base are belong to us Overengineering an ML pet project to learn about MLOps
  I2P: Major Changes of the Peer-to-Peer Network Dealing with a Monster Query
12:45 Networking management made simple with Nmstate Tackling document collaboration challenges in 2023
  Update on #JavaOnRaspberryPi and Pi4J Reproducibility and performance: why choose?
13:00 Podcasting 2.0: it's all about Interoperability The Open Source Business Guidebook The Nym Mixnet Introducing Helios Micokernel CentOS Stream Bulk Inserts With PostgreSQL: Four Methods For Efficient Data Loading EROFS filesystem update and its future Penpot official launch! Using SPDX for functional safety Is it time to migrate to Vue 3? LIBRSB: Universal Sparse BLAS Library AMENDMENT Code reloading techniques in Python Introduction to the Synapse Kubernetes Operator
  Welcome to the Haskell devroom Welcome to the Nix and NixOS devroom Welcome to the Translations DevRoom 7 things I learned about old computers, via emulation Using new Generated Invisible Primary Key feature in MySQL 8.0 W3C RTC Working Group Update  We need a Let’s Encrypt movement for Confidential Computing Adopting continuous-profiling: Understand how your code utilizes cpu/memory
13:15 prplMesh: open source Wi-Fi mesh Write Once, Run Anywhere... Well, What About Heterogeneous Hardware? A quick overview of the Haskell tooling I am excited about NixOS, I want to tell you why! Translate All The Things!
  Keyoxide: verifying online identity with cryptography
13:30 Media Streaming Mesh LSKV: Democratising Confidential Computing from the Core How to package BPF software for Linux distributions Having Something To Hide Value driven design REUSE Nurturing, Motivating and Recognizing Non-Code Contributions In the loop numba-mpi Realtime 3D Graphics on a MicroPython ESP32 Join Matrix HQ room in a snap
  Hackathon HaskellKatas style Pitfalls of Nix and how to overcome them
  gallia: An Extendable Pentesting Framework The Next Frontier in Open Source Java Compilers: Just-In-Time Compilation as a Service Pushing the PSP Deep Dive into MySQL Query Performance
13:45 Service MESH without the MESS A complete compliance toolchain for Yocto projects
  Bringing your project closer to users – translating libre with Weblate Modernizing Authentication and Authorization in XMPP Keeping safety-critical programs alive when Linux isn’t able to Loki: Logging, but make it cloud native
  Make Anyone Use Nix
14:00 Decentralized Social Media with Hachyderm Starting an Open Source Startup Jubako, a new generic container format Unikraft Weather Report From Linux to Cloud to Edge and beyond: Evolution of women contributors in distros & FOSS DBA Evolution (the Changing Role of the Database Administrator) Rust in the Kernel (via eBPF) Pwndbg: a GDB plugin for reverse engineering and binary exploitation Donation Page Design In SBOMs We Trust: How Accurate, Complete, and Actionable Are They? jxr in /engine/ - coding in WebXR on a plane Running MPI applications on Toro unikernel Simple, open, music recommendations with Python Cascaded Foci (SFUs)
  Afraid Of Java Cold Starts In Serverless? Fear Not, Java Is Super Fast! If it’s public money, make it public code!
  Nixel: a nicer way to write your Nix expressions Online schema change at scale in TiDB OpenSIPS 3.3 – Messaging in the IMS and UC ecosystems
14:15 MetalLB and FRR: a match made in heaven Building a Linux-compatible Unikernel
  Self-hosting for non-coders? An introduction into AMD/Xilinx libsystemctlm-soc Build your own Real Time Billing using CGRateS Open Source Confidential Computing with RISC-V
  Web application architecture in Haskell with flora.pm
14:30 FireCRaCer: The Best Of Both Worlds Playing with Nix in adverse HPC environments 20 years with Gettext Performance optimization for VoIP services Fixing Year 2038 Optimizing BPF hashmap and friends The O11y toolkit Creative Freedom Summit Retrospective The 7 key ingredients of a great SBOM Visualize the NPM dependencies city ecosystem of your node project in VR MUST: Compiler-aided MPI correctness checking with TypeART DuckDB: Bringing analytical SQL directly to your Python shell. Building a social app on top of Matrix
  Libre-SOC: From architecture and simulation to test silicon, and beyond Life of a Query in Vitess Social audio applications with Janus Contributor Growth Strategies for OSS Projects
14:45 Decentralized Storage with IPFS
  Contracts for free! Emulator development in Java Introduction to Secure Execution for s390x
  Classics Never Get Old: Two Easy Pieces For GraalVM devenv.sh - Fast, Declarative, Reproducible, and Composable Developer Environments P10K: getting 10000 participants into a Jitsi meeting
15:00 Running a Hybrid Event with Open Source Clear skies, no clouds in sight. Running a 14 person company on only free software. Get Started with Open Source Formal Verification Hardware acceleration for Unikernels Creating and distributing debug packages Deep Dive Into Query Performance eBPF loader deep dive Accessibility & Open Source Panel discussion: SBOM content, usefulness, and caveats Micro-frontends in React Link-time Call Graph Analysis to facilitate user-guided program instrumentation Continuous Documentation for Your Code Decentralizing moderation
  Edge observability for RTC apps
  The Haskell Security Advisory Database Building an atractive way in an old infra for new translators On the road to managed databases Inspektor Gadget: An eBPF Based Tool to Observe Containers
15:15 CNI Automagic: Device discovery for semantic network attachment in Kubernetes The Nix package manager development process Centering DEI Within Your Open Source Project
  NGI Search and OpenWebSearch.EU projects AsyncGetStackTrace: The Improved Version Of AsyncGetCallTrace (JEP 435) On the path of better interoperability with Rust! OpenCSD, simple and intuitive computational storage emulation with QEMU and eBPF
  Quantitative Analysis of Open Source WebRTC Developer Trends
15:30 Tilting a Pyramid KDLP: Kernel Development Learning Pipeline Hacking the Linux Kernel to get moar FPS A11y: EAA, WCAG, WAI, ARIA, WTF? – it’s for the people stupid! Managing customization in UI library How the Spack package manager tames the stat storm Talk to DBus from a Python application
  FOSDEM infrastructure review Lower your isolation level with ProxySQL
15:45 Golden Signals with Cilium and Grafana Quarkus 101: Intro To Java Development With Quarkus Secure payments over VoIP calls in the cloud
  Managing KDE's translation project Best Practices for Operators Monitoring and Observability in Operator SDK Building Open Source Teams
  2D animations in Haskell using gloss, lens and state P4 in Nix
16:00 Matrix 2.0 The End of Free Software A Rust-Based, modular Unikernel for MicroVMs Understanding the Bull GAMMA 3 first generation computer through emulation Salmiac: Running unmodified container images in Nitro Enclaves AMENDMENT KubeOS: Container OS based on OpenEuler Don't Do This Don't blame devres - devm_kzalloc() is not harmful Building a UX Research toolkit A practical approach to build an open and evolvable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Keeping the HPC ecosystem working with Spack CI Python Logging Like Your Job Depends on It
  Interoperable Chat, Dutch Healthcare and the Digital Markets Act
  Modernizing Legacy Messaging System with Apache Pulsar Extending MySQL with component infrastructure
16:15 Need to connect your k8s pods to multiple networks? No problem [with calico/vpp]! Towards Secure Boot for NixOS
  Open-Source Opportunities with the Haskell Foundation Real-time audio/video conferences in Linphone thanks to a modern SFU server Do we still need to have virtual events?
16:30 Loupe: Designing Application-driven Compatibility Layers in Custom Operating Systems Translating documentation with cloud tools and scripts I made a GameBoy emulator to learn about computers. And now I work with them... Autonomous Confidential Kubernetes Homebrew: What's Happened and What's Next Rethinking device support for the long-term Lightning Talks Practical UX at OpenProject General Q&A on SBOMs Using the Firefox Profiler for web performance analysis Developing effective testing pipelines for HPC applications Will PyScript replace Django?
  Fuzion — Intro for Java Developers: Mapping Java's Features to Simpler Mechanisms A success story of adopting Nix at a workplace
  Extended observability to agentless monitoring on MySQL using ProcFS UDF plugin
16:45 Scaling Open Source Realtime Messaging System for Millions
  Acknowledgements, *prize draw* and farewell Devroom closing and goodbye Distributions: Closing remarks SBOM devroom closing Community Closing remarks
17:00 Open Source Software at NASA
  Closing FOSDEM 2023