Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Quarkus 101: Intro To Java Development With Quarkus

Java is a great programming language, however 'traditional' Java isn't so great to work with when it comes to modern, Cloud Native development. Quarkus is a (fairly) new Java stack that addresses issues such as the typical slow startup time and rather large memory usage that hinder the adoption of Java in container and/or Serverless workloads. Quarkus is not just useful for optimizing resource usage though. There is also a big focus on improving the developer experience. In this session we'll demonstrate how Quarkus is very easy to work with and allows developers to work with containers and external dependencies such as databases, Kafka clusters, Kubernetes etc without being experts in any of these technologies.
After this session, the audience should come away with inspiration to build modern Cloud Native applications with Java, and have fun doing so!


Photo of Kevin Dubois Kevin Dubois