Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


A11y: EAA, WCAG, WAI, ARIA, WTF? – it’s for the people stupid!

The web is already accessible – it's us as developers who are including barriers. Let's make the web accessible together.

Web Accessibility should concern everyone of us and it’s our responsibility as developers to ensure a most accessible user experience. Danny and Maximilian will show you how to easily build your Web Applications accessibly at a high level. We’ll introduce you to effective methods and tools, that support you regarding implementation and testing.

Don't be afraid: We won’t go through each and every of the WCAG criteria – we’d like to provide a practical introduction into the topic as well as guide you through some tricks and snares.


Photo of Danny Koppenhagen Danny Koppenhagen
Photo of Maximilian Franzke Maximilian Franzke