Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Introduction to the Synapse Kubernetes Operator

A new way to deploy Synapse and its Bridges on Kubernetes

In this presentation, attendees will get an introduction to Kubernetes Operators. We will briefly touch on concepts like CustomResourceDefinition and the Controller Pattern in Kubernetes. No prior knowledge of Kubernetes is necessary for following this talk.

We will next focus on the Synapse Operator. We will demonstrate its main features in an interactive demo. Finally, we'll talk about the next steps and the future of the project.

Containers are everywhere. Resistance is futile ! And Kubernetes has won the battle of container orchestration engine.

Kubernetes Operators are a way to deploy and manage applications and their components on top of Kubernetes. As Operators are gaining popularity (browse to discover some of them), why not building one for Matrix ?

The Synapse Operator contains the business logic for managing Synapse instances, as well as some bridges, on top of Kubernetes.

Come join us in discovering what Kubernetes Operators are and how they are built ! Then assist to a demo of the Synapse Operator.


Photo of Matthias Goerens Matthias Goerens