Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Pushing the PSP

Emulating Dreamcast and DS on PSP

A presentation on Dreamcast and Nintendo DS emulation on PSP. This talk discusses the challenges and obstacles of porting emulators nullDC, nooDS and DeSmuME to PSP, as well as tailoring and optimising them according to the PSP's unique hardware layout. Utilising tools and tricks far beyond what was officially possible on PSP, this will push the hardware to its limit - not for the faint of heart!

Emulating a rival console released in the same year as your platform is no mean feat, nor is emulating a home console released just a few years prior as a handheld. Yet this is exactly what the PSP scene has set out to accomplish, and a few talented developers have spent hours researching these platforms in-depth and re-inventing the emulators to push them as far as possible. They have also delved into techniques never possible under official limitations - executing code directly on the second CPU, previously barred for official software, and using the latest development tools that can far exceed older results.

How far can we really push the PSP? And can new, experimental techniques claw enough performance to emulate the impossible?


Daniel Welch